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Òmnium Cultural Osona, Assemblea Nacional Catalana Osona and CDR's Alt Ter, together with other bodies and organisations, encourage all those who want to show solidarity with Catalan political prisoners to participate in a peaceful demonstration by taking turns in being locked in a prison cell. The reason for this demonstration is to bring to light the clear democratic deficit at the heart of the Spanish state. It will also highlight the deprivation of liberty that our organisations'presidents, Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez, respectively, are being subjected to as, well as the members of our legitimate government, Oriol Junqueras and Joaquim Forn.

Enter the prison

To show solidarity

Because only the people can save the people.

For dignity

Because our country cannot be back to normal until all our political prisoners come back home.

To make a clear statement

Because no political system which calls itself a democracy can have peple in prison purely because of their political beliefs.


We have built a portable replica prison: It consists of two prison cells just like the ones in which our imprisoned representatives find themselves.

We are calling on all those who are against the imprisonment of our leaders and politicians to join us in taking turns in a cell so that they are constantly full of volunteers who want to show solidarity with the political peisoners. In so doing, volunteers will also hilight the current situation's abnormality, in the 21th century, a European Union Memeber State has political prisoners.

The prison: The cage surrounded by bars is comprised of two cells. In each there is a table, a chair, a bed, some blankets, a heater, a matress, a pillow, and a light. Each cell has a door, a fire extinguisher and a mailbox.

Those who take part in this demonstration on a voluntary basis take turns every two hours, both day and night, no matter how bad the weather may be. We do so because we are living in exceptional times that call for exceptional measures, as well as exceptional acts.

History shall absolve them

Nelson Mandela

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall

Lluís Maria Xirinacs

A nation can never be free as long as its children are not willing to take risks in struggling for its freedom and defence

Gene Sharp

Basically, nonviolent action starts when subjects disobey, and the greater the number of people participating, and the longer the time frame, the sooner authority will fall


La performance #unpobleempresonat arriba a Mataró
14-04-2018 - Mataró

La performance #unpobleempresonat arriba a Mataró

Del 14 al 18 d'Abril, Mataró va acollir la performance #unpobleempresonat. Espertac Peran, Ramón Cotarelo, Jordi Peiró, Carles Estapé i Mireia Boya entre d'altres, van participar a l'acte d'obertura. Músics per la llibertat van interpretar els Segadors, l'Estaca i El Cant dels ocells.

La presó arriba a Vilanova
22-02-2018 - Vilanova i la Gesltrú

La presó arriba a Vilanova

Entre els dies 22 i 25 de febrer, Vilanova i la Geltrú va acollir la performance #unpobleempresonat amb un èxit total de participació. Quim Arrufat, Sergi Lopez o Toni Albà van ser alguns dels empresonaments més significatius.

La presó solidària arriba a Manresa
16-02-2018 - Manresa

La presó solidària arriba a Manresa

Entre els dies 16 i 21 de febrer Manresa va ser la seu de l’acció d’#unpobleempresonat. Hi van fer torns, entre altres, diversos alcaldes de la comarca, l’investigador biomèdic Pere-Joan Cardona, membres dels Gossos, el músic Santi Arisa i el regidor i comediant Jordi Pesarrodona. Han col·laborat en l’acció Artistes de la República, l’Agrupament d’Esbarts Dansaires (ballem per ser lliures), Lupulus Emsembla i Música per la Llibertat.

La presó solidària arriba a Granollers
18-01-2018 - Granollers

La presó solidària arriba a Granollers

Els primers empresonaments simbòlics van ser: Ada Parellada, Carles Pérez, Jacint Carol Bruguera i Tortell Poltrona. Josep Lluís Bozzo va llegir el manifest i la música la va posar l'Ivette Nadal, amb l'acompanyament de familiars dels presos i exiliats (Txell Bonet, Montse Puigdemont i Blanca Bragulat), així com representants locals i comarcals de l'ANC, Òmnium, Pdecat, ERC i la Cup.

La presó solidària arriba a Tàrrega
18-12-2017 - Tàrrega

La presó solidària arriba a Tàrrega

Des del dia 18 fins al 24 de desembre, la presó estarà instal·lada a la plaça del Carme (el Pati) de Tàrrega. Els primers a empresonar-se van ser l'actor Josep Minguell i @PostureigLleida

Acte simbòlic de cloenda
17-12-2017 - Olot

Acte simbòlic de cloenda

Els Músics per la Llibertat van oferir un petit concert per acomiadar la performance #unpobleempresonat. A l'acte hi van intervenir l'alcalde d'Olot, Josep M. Corominas, la presidenta d'Òmnium Cultural, Núria Torres, i una representant de l'Assemblea Nacional Catalana.

La presó solidària arriba a Olot
11-12-2017 - Olot

La presó solidària arriba a Olot

Des del dia 10 fins al 17 de desembre, la presó estarà instal·lada davant de la plaça Mercat, al centre de la ciutat. El diumenge dues persones molt significatives a la Garrotxa, l'artista visual Quim Domene i l'actriu Anna Roca, van ser els primers d'entrar-hi. Les entitats sobiranistes de la ciutat han treballat de valent per garantir que durant les 24 hores del dia estiguin coberts els torns, i pràcticament ja estan tots plens!

Continua l'empresonament de familiars
26-11-2017 - Vic

Continua l'empresonament de familiars

El fill i la germana de la consellera Meritxell Borràs, en Bernat i la Mireia es van empresonar el diumenge 26 de novembre entre forts aplaudiments i l'ovació de les persones concentrades per dona'ls-hi suport.

S'enpresonen els primers familiars
25-11-2017 - Vic

S'enpresonen els primers familiars

Laura MasVidal i Marta Font, esposa i germana respectivament del conseller empresonat Joaquim Forn, van entrar a les cel·les de #unpobleempresonat durant un torn de dues hores el passat dissabte 25 de novembre.

Peyu i Nandu Jubany han estat els primers a entrar a les cel·les
18-11-2017 - Vic

Peyu i Nandu Jubany han estat els primers a entrar a les cel·les

El cuiner Nandu Jubany i l’humorista Peyu han estat els primers 'presos' de #unpobleempresonat. L’acció ha començat amb uns breus parlaments. Al cap d'una hora, ambdós 'presos' han donat pas als seus relleus.


  • Will I really be locked up?
    No, you won't. Your stay in prison is a purely symbolic act. The prison is made up of two cells, therefore you will be accompanied by a cellmate at all times. All prisoners will have the key to their cell and they will even be able to leave the door unlocked if they wish. It is highly recommended though to lock yourself in the cell in order to experience first hand what our political prisoners are going through.
  • And what happens if my key gets lost?
    If a prisoner is locked in and loses their cell key, the other prisoner will also have their cell mate's key, for greater security. Besides, a supervisor will be close by at all times and they will have a duplicate key.
  • And f I had to get out of the cell because of an emergency?
    You can obviuosly get ot of the cell, as you will be in possession of the key. You are asked though to leave the cell only if it is completely necessary. The cells shouldn't remain empty, otherwise this act would make no sense at all.
  • And what if I sign up, and then I want to cancel?
    We ask that you make sure before you sign up that you really want to commit yourself to being locked up in a prison cell for a short while. However, should there be a change of plans, we ask you to send an email to info@unpobleempresonat.cat so we can find a substitute in time.
  • And what if anything unforseen happens?
    On entering your cell, you will find a paper with the current regulations together with telephone numbers in case of emergency. On top of that, the cell is fitted with a security alarm and an emergency light.
  • What if it's rainy and cold?
    There's nothing to worry about as both cells have a sleeping bag (suitable for temperatures as low as -11ºC), blankets, and also an electric heater. The prison is elevated off the ground, so rain doesn't pose a great threat. The prison is also equipped with a roof with a drainage system to dispose of water, as well as serving as protection against lightning. Anyway, in case of bad weather you may always go outside of the cell for a while. Remember that you will be in possession of the key!
  • Is this demonstration legal?
    Yes, it is. All competent authorities have been duly informed and all the necessary permits habe been met. The people taking part in this action won't be commiting an illegal act or infringement.
  • Are there any security measures?
    Yes. Although in all likelihood nothing will happen to you, there will be volunteers who will ensure your personal safety outside the prison, especially on the night shift. Besides that, the police forces have been informed that this demonstration will be taking place (their phone numbers will be available to you).
  • Who can participate? Is there a fee to pay?
    No, there isn't. It's absolutely free of charge. Anyone over the age of 18 is free to participate in this demonstration. All you need to do is sign up at by clicling here
  • All right, I want to join in. How long can I stay in there?
    A volunteer's stay lasts for 2 hours, taking turns throughout the day and night.
  • What if I want to stay longer in the cell? Can I sign up for more than one session?
    Of course, you can. You can sign up for as many sessions as you want at any time on the same day. If you want to, you can also sign up for sessions on different days by completing different registrations.
  • What happens once I sign up?
    Nothing. Once you sign up you will receive an email with all the details. You should be present 10 minutes before your shift starts.
  • Do I have to bring anything?
    Yes, we recommend that you bring your mobile phone, in case you need to make a call. That's all you need to bring. In the cell you will find a bed, a table, an electric heater for the cold, and a lamp. Only during the night shifts (after 10 pm), you will have the option to bring your own sleeping bag if you want to but do remember that the organisers will provide each cell with a sleeping bag (suitable for temperatures as low as -11ºC).
  • Should I sign any papers?
    Yes, once you enter the cell you will have to sign a personal protection data form to comply with current regulations.
  • What am I supposed to do in the cell?
    Well, that's exactly what it's all about. When you're settled in the prison cell, you will experience first hand what it is like for our political prisoners being in captivity. You will only be in there for a couple of hours, but they've been unfairly locked up in prison for months now.

    During your time of seclusion, you're welcome to write messages, perhaps your thoughts or about your experience in the cell. You will find a notebook on the table of your cell to do this and it will be sent to the political prisoners once the demonstration has finished.
  • All these demonstrations, will they be worthwhile?
    Demonstrations such as these have two clear aims: to show our empathy by experiencing first hand what the political prisoners are going through and, on the other hand, to show solidarity with them and their families, letting them know they're not alone on this journey, because we want to shout out loud and clear that by imprisoning them, the Spanish state is imprisoning us all.
  • What if somebody from outside the cell calls me names? How am I supposed to behave?
    We invite everyone to adopt a resilient and respectful attitude; don't respond to provocations coming from the outside. When you act with hate, you get hate back.
  • What am I allowed to bring into the cell?
    Alcoholic drinks are not allowed in the cell, and neither is smoking or bringing any objects without prior permission of the organisation (send an email to: info@unpobleempresonat.cat)
  • What should I wear in the cell?
    You are expected to dress appropiately and respectfully in accordance with the nature of the demonstration.
  • How can I share my experience in prison with others?
    We encourage you to post online with the hashtag #unpobleempresonat.
    Example: I've signed up for #unpobleempresonat. Thank you very much.


Would you like the mock prison to visit your town? Contact us at: info@unpobleempresonat.cat

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